Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil Candle

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I only use Bulgarian lavender - the creme de la creme. Unlike other popular varieties, Bulgarian lavender holds her true perfuming quality to the very end. You'll notice the difference! 

Use our eco coconut wax and pure essential oil candles to amp up your slow morning and bedtime routines. The perfect compliment to your low-waste, conscious life.  Stare into the flame and stay present.


  • Reconnecting with your inner peace and wisdom
  • Being true to yourself
  • Appreciating life - getting your gratitude on

Approximately 30 hour burn


Eco coconut wax and pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil

Also available in an essential oil, Lavender Vanilla Spray and Lavender Grey Tea Soap


This candle burns clean from the tin. Wash the container when done and use it to store buttons, hair pins and elastics, use the lid as a beautiful tray for your Face Oil