Boreal Essential Oil Candle

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This one is for the mountain girl.

Inspired by the misty forest mornings. It is the high wind that fills your lungs with the scent of the tree tops. ⁠Breathe in the sweet perfume of leaves in the sun.

Inhale slowly, exhale smiling. 


  • Jumping in the car and driving until you know you’ve arrived
  • Dreaming about your next forest escape
  • Elevating your morning and creating a space for focus 

Approximately 30 hour burn


Coconut wax with pink grapefruit, organic eucalyptus, benzoin resin and Canadian balsam fir essential oils

Also available in a spray and essential oil blend


This candle burns clean from the tin. Wash the container when done and use it to store buttons, hair pins and elastics, or use the lid as a beautiful tray for your Face Oil