Pom Pom Diffuser - Burgundy, Orange, Teal

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A smarter way to use your essential oils anywhere, without water or electricity.

Clip one of these cute felted wool ball diffusers to your car vent to keep any space smelling great! 

Unlike electronic car diffusers, these require no power, outlets, water or felt pads. Simply add a few drops of your favourite Olfactory Essential Oil Blend to the wool balls and be on your lovely way!

Flip through all the colour combos to find your mood. 


  • Perfect for refreshing the car after a dusty long weekend
  • Chilling out when traffic isn't
  • Marie Kondoing the closet (clip to a hanger and freshen it up in there!)


Add 5 drops of your favourite Olfactory Shop essential oil blend to the wool balls, clip onto a vent or a hanger and inhale deeply. Drive nicely!


Natural pine and vegan suede. 

Hand made with love in Calgary, Canada