Can essential oils relieve migraines?

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Where I live, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, there are a lot of migraine sufferers. With the nearly constant pressure changes and high altitude, it's the perfect environment for a number of ailments. 

Migraines and headaches are the most common symptoms I am asked about. And if you've been around my blog at all for a while, you know that I don't like to claim any essential oil as a true cure for any symptom. a) because there usually isn't science or trials done to substantiate the claims and b) even in science, nothing is 100% effective for everyone - so I don't like to get anyone's hopes up. 

I have a number of customers who claim my Chinook Blend provides at least some relief of their migraine symptoms. Wondering why, I looked deeper and found studies on lavender (one of the components of Chinook Blend) being a viable treatment or complementary treatment of migraines. 

In this study, there was a placebo-controlled group and an active-controlled group. This means that one set of adults with diagnosed migraines inhaled lavender for 15 minutes and another set inhaled a placebo of paraffin wax. After 30 minutes, their migraines were tested again and 71% of those in the lavender group had entirely or significantly decreased migraine symptoms. Compared to the placebo group where 47% noted a decrease in symptoms.  

So while there is no promise that Chinook Blend or Lavender can entirely cure a migraine or even work for you, it could be worth a trial of your own. You can either inhale them via an electronic diffuser, make a bowl of steamy water and add a few drops, or mix with a carrier oil like olive oil, and apply to your neck and temples. 

Let me know if you've found relief in the comments below. 

Feel better!

<3 Micki


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