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We're glad you dropped by The Olfactory Shop to discover our natural fragrances and toxin-free body products.

We are a women-led community striving to support you in detoxing your life of synthetic fragrances. Some key ones to watch for are found in candles, perfumes, lotions and soaps. With these, a wide range of unnecessary chemicals are ingested without our awareness, eventually causing health problems. We all deserve to know exactly what goes into the products that we use; not only on our body, but in the air we breathe. That’s being your own health advocate. That’s why The Olfactory is relentlessly natural.

We design and offer clean, natural and non-toxic fragrance-based products that include essential oils, sprays, skin-care and body-care products and much more! 

We put a lot of effort and great care in developing these products that appeal to almost all kinds of olfactory senses! Our products are created as potential healing tools in helping you achieve great health and a toxin-free life. 

 Why Choose The Olfactory Shop?

Whether you've come for toxin-free goodies or just the best quality home fragrance you can get, you'll find it here and feel GREAT about your purchases! Thank you for supporting all of the women behind The Olfactory Shop - Riddhi and Micki, and all of the designers, printers, photographers and suppliers we hire. We appreciate every order!



About Micki

After experiencing perfect health my entire life and then suddenly being unable to walk one morning at age 29, everything shifted. I was awakened and set forth on a passion for finding the true roots of health. Through a 5 year healing journey, going through the health care system, many specialist appointments and even going through private functional medicine, I have connected with my own inner-healer and continue to learn about true wellness.

Through functional medicine, it was revealed that my body was overburdened with toxins from herbicides and plastics. 

My body was not able to effectively keep up with the toxic load and my detoxing halted. As a result I began presenting a rare arthritis in my spine. 

Detoxing through herbs and teas, keeping my surroundings clean and eating organic food has been the key to my returned health. I am passionate about infusing natural healing into everything Olfactory - for your benefit!

If you're on a health journey and getting started with detoxing your home, check out this blog post on how to begin. I'd love to support you further so please reach out through our contact page if there is anything I can help you with. 


About Riddhi

My entire life has been about being better than I am and making the better out of everything around me. Since childhood, I have witnessed nature as one of the most beautiful miracles in my life that I get to devour and feel closeness within. Nature has always connected me to myself. 

When I stepped into my 20s, I always wondered how I could shape my skills and my existence to contribute towards making something better out of the natural world. As a child, I learned to value my health from my father, who is a doctor. I started consuming natural and wholesome ingredients. Even better, I turned vegan. And my life has never been better after that. When I was diagnosed with Rosacea in my adulthood, being mindful about what I ingest and inhale has been a great help!

Moreover, I realized that I need to do better than that. I wished to bring awareness of this in the society I live in for the betterment of it. And frankly, everyone deserves to live their best and healthiest toxin-free life. 

In 2022, I met with Micki whose vision aligned with mine. And that’s when I joined The Olfactory Shop. So far, my journey has been awesome and I aspire to make The Olfactory Shop an ultimate platform that brings out the best in people’s health by offering all natural fragrance-based, healing products and much more!