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Hi, I’m Jana! I’m the founder of Moonrise Soul. You can call me an Energetic Mastery Coach, an Energy Interpreter, a Healer, an Intuitive, Reiki Master or Akashic Record Reader, but what does that all mean? It simply means that I am an expert in understanding and moving energy. The energy held in your body, your frequency and even your environment. 

I’m going to share some tips for moving energy that you can try out on your own. 



It’s officially Spring!! The days are getting longer, flowers are starting to bloom - or the snow is starting to melt, depending on where you live - and we are slowly coming out of hibernation.

Spring is a time of rebirth. Time to plant new seeds, physically or spiritually, start new projects, or do a big Spring Clean! If you’re like me, you may hire a cleaning service to come do a deep cleaning - I wholeheartedly believe in knowing your strengths and playing to them. Cleaning is not mine! - or maybe you love to get down and (clean up the) dirty! 

There is one kind of Spring Cleaning that I do insist on doing myself. 

Energetic Spring Cleaning.

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This is equally important to clearing out the closets and vacuuming under all the furniture. Our homes can hold onto the energy of everyone who lives within the walls. The positive energy and the heavy energy. 

If you’ve had an argument, or there is sadness in the family, the energy may feel dense. Or perhaps you’ve been stuck indoors because of the weather and everyone is going a bit stir crazy. The energy might feel really buzzy and frantic. 

There are many ways to clear the energy in your home and fill it with light, calm, peaceful energy. Here are a few examples of for you to try out: 


  • Use a cleansing spray throughout your home. Walk through your space spritzing in each room. (The Olfactory Shop has some great ones!) 
  • Meditate and hold the intention of clearing all the heavy or negative energy out of your home.
  • Imagine flooding your home with a bright white light with the intention of clearing all the heavy or negative energy out of your home. Start with white light and you may see the color change. Whatever you see is the energy your home is calling for. Just trust it! 
  • Get yourself a Himalayan salt lamp and set it near your bed, on your desk or any area you spend a lot of time. Salt is an incredibly purifying, grounding element.  
  • Light a candle (like these amazing ones from Poplar Lane Home) and gaze into the flame and hold the intention of clearing all the heavy or negative energy out of your home. Again, it’s about the intention you hold.  
  • Burn herbs or incense*.


When doing any of these practices above, you may feel like opening a window or a door and letting that energy float off in the breeze. 

While you’re at it, since your home is now feeling super fresh and clean, why not treat yourself to an energy healing session or clear your energy with a lovely chakra balancing meditation. You’ll be setting yourself up to tackle all those new ideas that you have! 

I’d love to know what new projects you want to start or if you do any spring cleaning. I’m happy to help you with your spring cleaning ritual if you would like a bit of guidance. You can keep in touch with me on Instagram @moonrise_soul or by reaching out to me at

* An important note on burning herbs or incense for cleansing your space. As these practices are sacred, cultural practices, try looking into your own heritage to learn about their rituals and practices instead of taking from other culture’s rituals and practices. Every culture has their own methods and it’s super interesting to learn about the history and important not to culturally appropriate. 


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