How to clean your mattress naturally

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If you're not following The Olfactory Shop on Instagram, you're missing out on some awesome Tip Tuesday posts. Including this one which teaches you an easy and super effective way to clean your mattress!

After researching natural ways to clear out dust mites and decrease dust allergies, I stumbled on this science, on essential oils and their ability to terminate dust mites. The study found that clove and rosemary specifically are powerful dust mite cleaners.

So I tried out a few methods of cleaning the mattress up and this is what I found to work the best while being easy enough to DIY!

1. Set a calendar alert to rotate your mattress every 6 months and flip your mattress (if possible) every 1 year. If you live in Calgary, I recommend looking into Black Sheep Mattress Company for their handmade, natural and flip-able mattresses! It nearly doubles the life expectancy of your mattress. I'm SO happy with my purchase from them. ⠀

2. After maneuvering carefully (don't hurt yourself!) mix up a small jar of 1/2 cup baking soda and ~25 drops of Healer's Blend essential oil. Double this recipe for multiple mattresses or for a King. ⠀

3. Shake that blend up and sprinkle on top of your mattress. Let it sit for a few hours. Studies have shown the longer, the better!⠀

4. After a few hours, or when you get home from work, whip out the vacuum and give the mattress a thorough once or twice over. 

There you have it! Simple, natural and delightful. If you're going away for a weekend, do this before you go and vacuum once you get home. Enjoy your cleaned mattress. 


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