How to use essential oils and natural fragrance at work.

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This post comes from a Tip Tuesday series I ran on Instagram. I got asked "what's the easiest way to smell good at the office after a lunch-hour sweat?".

Good one. I love this question because you're getting your lunch-hour workout in (claps to you!) and also conscious of scent-sensitivities at the office (lucky co-workers!). ⁣⠀
For this, I recommend a perfume roller like our Winter's Night roller as it's pocket-sized and easy to apply. It's also more discreet than a spray. As in, you will smell it more closely to your body and will respect others' spaces.

Being an all-natural perfume, chances are that you won't irritate those around you the same way that a synthetic perfume would. Best of all, since you're applying perfumes to your skin, you're not drinking that chemical cocktail either. 

botanical and all natural perfume rollers made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada of pure essential oils
If you prefer a spray so that you can apply it all-over, choose Boreal Blend as it has more of a perfume essence to it than my other blends. Featuring pink grapefruit, Canadian balsam fir and eucalyptus essential oils (to name a few); they are what makes Boreal one of my most loved sprays.⁣⠀

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