How to use essential oils on a diffuser bracelet

Posted by Micki Mutch on

For this week's essential oil and natural home fragrance tip I was asked about what oils are best for diffusing on bracelets. ⁣

The best essential oil is the one that you love and the one that has quality and purity behind it. As for me, it depends on the day but usually my pure lavender essential oil or if I'm looking for more of a blend I reach for our Boreal essential oil blend (always a hit!).
wood, lava and gemstone diffuser bracelets made in Calgary Alberta Canada by the olfactory shop dot com


Get creative and layer some eucalyptus oil with pink grapefruit, or some lemongrass with peppermint. If you land on a blend that doesn't smell great, just give your bracelet a quick wash in soapy water or roll between your palms and start again. ⁣

What do you love putting on your diffuser jewelry?⁣ My bracelets are made in Calgary, Alberta Canada by Greta, a local essential-oil-obsessed jewelry designer. You can find her work on Instagram under @natureseos


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