Our New Diffuser - How it came to be, how it's working for Cambodia and how you can get it!

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Alright, I'm sitting down to write this post after having met with a friend and it bubbled out of me. She encouraged me to share the background of how The Olfactory Diffuser came to fruition as it completely lights me up. So here goes! 

Gather round, it's story time!

So the new Diffuser was very much a labour of love 💕 It turned into one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on as a new business owner and I got just as much out of the experience as I put into it. Gotta love learning about yourself along this journey, right? 🌟 

Earlier this year, I quit my job in order to go after my dream and expand The Olfactory. One of my first projects to tackle was restocking diffusers. I gave myself two weeks to source a manufacturer that I was comfortable with and find the machine of my (and hopefully, your) dreams! Little did I know, I would soon be entirely consumed by this task.

I was swept up in continuous disappointment after disappointment, prototype after prototype. And things were getting pricey and feeling dicey. As part of a promise I made to myself early on in this business adventure, I decided to listen to my more intelligent brain (my gut) and tapped into this feeling I was getting - that there HAD to be something better out there. Lucky for you I tend to get *obsessively* solution-driven in these types of situations. So the hunt was on 🎯 

My wish list that I would send to manufacturers was simple! Real wood, real ceramic, as little plastic as possible, the ability to have the lights off while the mist is on (anyone else SUPER sensitive to light when you're sleeping?). After talking to over 100 manufacturers (told you, obsessive!) one messaged back with a final attempt at making me happy. We'd been chatting for weeks at this point and I could tell they were even getting close to flipping me the bird like all the others had. They suggested - why don’t we design my dream-machine to our best abilities, given my small scale ...Oh I didn’t know I could do that! (was my actual response). 😂

Sweet relief! I went straight into dreamland thinking of as many thoughtful features as possible but narrowing it down to the most impactful few to keep it simple. Cause that's how we like it around here. 

6 months later it’s in production and I can’t wait for it to be in your hands too. This machine means much more than the time and care put into it though. 

The best part? This machine is also a tool for all of us to make some real change. After a recent trip to Cambodia, which left me completely floored, I’ve partnered with the Cambodia Landmine Museum to send $5 from each diffuser to their demining teams. Funds for this are CRITICAL as there are an estimated 4-6 million unexploded devices still scattered throughout Cambodia since the back-to-back wars and genocide they have suffered less than 50 years ago. The Cambodia Self-Help Demining teams are working tirelessly to free Cambodia from the horrific past that still haunts them. We can help. They deserve a chance at a life realising their talents and dreams rather than worrying about taking a wrong step.

Please learn more by watching the 'Until They’re Gone' documentary on Amazon Prime. And please consider buying this diffuser the next time you’re in the market! ❤️

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