Spring Cleaning Tip from Joydrop - Little things, big joy!

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The other week I sat down with Katie from Joydrop here in Calgary, to learn more about one of my newest retail partners and to share them with you!

joydrop calgary features local and international jewelry designers

Since moving to Calgary I’ve been a huge fan of this local mecca. Their motto “Little Things. Big Joy '' always inspires me. It reminds me that it’s the time we spend with others and the thought we give, that make for the most beautiful experiences in life. 

Katie offered such great insight into the Joydrop lifestyle and we were inspired to connect our worlds a little deeper. Finding out we have so many shared values, like reducing negative and increasing positive impact on the planet. 

So we bring to you a series of Joydrop Tips and here’s the 1st of 4 this year. 

Keep following along to learn how you can reuse your Olfactory containers in truly little ways that make a big impact (and look beautiful too). 

Joydrop carries Cleanse Blend, Lavender Vanilla and Peppermint Vanilla sprays at all 3 of their locations. If you’ve picked up a bottle there, this article is for you. 


joydrop calgary carries many canadian jewelry designers

What to do with this beautiful amber glass bottle now that you’ve used your spray? We know you’re greening up your home and this is the perfect opportunity to take that to the next step. 

Instead of purchasing expensive cleaners, simply follow these steps for a beautifully cleansing countertop cleaner (that diffuses your spaces too). 

  1. Place the straw of the cap in a bowl of warm water and pump 5-10 times to rinse the straw and cap out. 
  2. Wash your bottle with warm, soapy water and make sure all the bubbles are rinsed out.
  3. Fill the bottle most of the way, with water. Leave room at the top for the next step
  4. Add 1 tbsp vodka OR 1 tsp of castile soap if you prefer. Do this after adding the water because if you accidentally overfill the bottle, your alcohol and soap are gonzo!
  5. Using your fav Olfactory essential oils, add 8-12 drops to the formula! Try Healer’s Blend for a warm and cleansing scent or 8 drops of Lavender + 4 drops of Tea Tree
  6. Use to keep your countertops super clean and your home smelling fresh, especially right before guests drop by!


Love this Joydrop Tip? Let us know your favourite cleaner combination below! You can find lots of The Olfactory Shop goodies at all 3 Joydrop locations. 


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