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How to clean essential oil diffusers

Posted by Micki Chau on

Since most of us have some form of diffusers in our homes, let's chat about how to keep them clean.  Pom Pom Diffusers My solution to actually having to clean a diffuser - no cleaning involved here. If you're using one of the amazing Olfactory pom pom diffusers, all you need to do is add more oil when the scent is fading. No need to wait for previous oils to fully diffuse. You can blend or over-take old oils by adding new ones. To fully remove scents, leave your pom pom diffuser on a sunny window sill for the day.   ...

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Inspiration from Japan

Posted by Micki Mutch on

In the name of buying slow, sparking joy and creating your best life, I wanted to start sharing more about my process. How I design products and scent profiles, what my work space looks like, how I make the goodies and what inspires me. It's hard for me to do as I typically share myself with my close friends and family and am more reserved with the rest of the world, but I realise that you want to know the how and why behind what you buy and I am happy to provide that for you.  To get started, I...

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