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The Benefits of Breast and Belly Massage - Not Just for Pregnancy

Posted by Micki Chau on

Have you tried breast or belly massage yet? Wether you're going through changes, or not, it's never a bad idea to be in touch with your body through self massage. While it sounds like this routine is for those who are pregnant, it's a good idea for everyone. Here's why: 🌿 Breast massage helps us stay in tune with any changes⁠ ⁠in our bodies. Our breasts change over time so it's a good idea to be familiar with yours and be able to appreciate the changes and also detect anything that our intuition says might be off   🌿 Breast massage...

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Get to know Micki from The Olfactory Shop, and all about The Olfactory essential oil difference

Posted by Micki Mutch on

Over the last four years of running The Olfactory Shop, I've been able to build up a community of female entrepreneurs (mostly solopreneurs) who I consider my village and my tribe. They are the ones who I call to celebrate any wins with, to share any tears with and who ultimately understand that giving up and quitting isn't an option. Check out this blog post from one of my fellow villagers, Shanika Abeysinghe, a co-founder over at Alberta's premium meat delivery company, Bessie Box. I've been a customer of theirs since they started and she shares more about why quality...

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