The best containers for essential oils (and why it matters!)

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I was at a friend's house and got to chatting about some face oils she had purchased but only a few months later were smelling very off. As soon as she brought the bottles out, I could tell why. They were packaged in clear glass and she has a big, beautiful window in her washroom. 

I thought it might be helpful to share some science behind the packaging for oils so you know how to buy them!

You might notice, all of my products are in amber glass. While I do love the look, it's for more than just aesthetics. Oils are sensitive to air and light, causing them to oxidize and lose some of their nutrient value as well as turn rancid over time. To prevent this, you always want to buy oils of any kind (cooking, essential oils, face oils, massage oils) in dark glass. 

While there are a lot of glass colours, according to the Glass Packaging Institute, amber glass absorbs nearly all radiation consisting of wavelengths shorter than 450 nm. This means it can better protect against ultraviolet radiation. 

Apart from the colour, the other very important part of the packaging is the material. Never buy oil in a plastic container. Some oils can quickly degrade plastic and even eat through it entirely. To prevent plastic from leaching into your products, just stick to glass goodies. Glass feels stronger, looks better and helps preserve your products. 

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

<3 Micki


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