The Best Nourishing Skin Care Routine

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Our new lineup of nourishing skin care products were inspired by Self-Love. That is a radical expression of love toward yourself. Not just when things are running smoothly but especially when they’re not. Because that’s when you need love the most. 

Have you been on a healing journey? If so you might be able to relate. 

I’ve been on a major healing journey the past 3 years. Ever since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is accompanied by chronic pain. And my path led me to healing through Self-Love. At first it felt silly and then it became natural.

On days when extreme fatigue and “brain-fog” struck, I’d normally hate myself by comparing to my past capabilities, to other “normal” people, and to the person I knew I was on the inside but felt trapped by my body. Through Self-Love I began to love myself exactly as I am in the moment. Applauding myself for allowing me to get a nap in so that the rest of the day could be great. Celebrating the awesome workout instead of just hating how tired I’d be after exercising. Soothing my pain instead of saying horrible things toward my body or pushing my exercises way too far just because “it already hurt”. 

It actually makes me cringe thinking about the way I used to treat and respond to my body during times of struggle and “imperfection”. Instead of listening to the cries for help, love, and nourishment. 

It also makes me flinch that for many people this is the normal and acceptable way to treat ourselves. That it’s ok to be mean to ourselves because it’s pushing us further. But is it? If you were to constantly beat down on your best friend, would it encourage them to soar or would it crush them with the weight of never going to be “enough”? 

And so Self-Love extends to the way we look in the mirror. It’s our first response to our reflection. What’s your initial thought when you look at yourself? If it’s not “wow, I love you so much” I think we can change that! Let’s do better to ourselves. 

Taking care of our skin is something a lot of us do twice a day. Something that happens that frequently can and should be ritual. Make it so good you can’t wait to do it. Do this by choosing nutritious products that heal deeply rather than with harsh chemicals or hateful treatments that promise you a perfect tomorrow. You’re perfect today and when you start seeing that, your skin will reflect it too. 

Here’s our recipe for the most scrumptious, healing, and Self-Loving skin care routine that inspired all of the new products:

  1. Oil cleanse with the classic Face Oil - apply a full pipette to your face and massage in thoroughly. Apply a warm cloth to your face until it cools, then pat off makeup, SPF and the stress from the day! Rinse your cloth and repeat the warm cloth rinse as many times as feels good (I like to do it 3 times)
  2. Using a cloth or makeup pad of choice (flannel and bamboo fabrics make great makeup pads!) gently swipe your face and neck with the Rose Toner to prep your skin for treatment and moisture
  3. Using a clean finger, apply a drop of the Nourishing Blemish Treatment to any spots you’d like to give some extra love to! For some bonus fun, you can say to your blemishes “I see you and I’m giving you what you need!” Self-Love can be playful too ;) 
  4. Apply 3-5 drops of Face Oil as moisturizer. Again, feel free to give any extra dry spots some an extra drop and a massage to help the oil penetrate to hydrate fully. 
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Enjoy all of our botanical products - nothing harsh and lots of love.

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