How to clean the bathtub naturally with essential oils

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Tuesdays are becoming my favourite day of the week cause these #tiptuesdays are making me so happy! If you have a sweet essential oil tip, don't forget to submit it below in the comments or DM me! ⠀

Ok we're still in the bathroom with these January tips! We've cleaned the tiles, cleaned the toilet and now it's time for the tub. ⠀

My absolute favourite tub cleaner comes from @marthastewart - who, if you know me, is my go-to for anything house & home related. I've relied on this tub cleaner during my apartment rental days (you know those are the dirtiest tubs!) and it's never failed me. ⠀

- 1 cup of baking soda⠀
- 1 tsp of castile soap or any liquid soap⠀
- 10 drops of Pink Grapefruit essential oil (tagged in the pic so you can shop!)⠀
- Just enough water to make a thick paste⠀

Use this concoction with a scrub brush to clear away any type of grime or residue and for the best smelling tub around! Then be sure to have a bath right after while it's still sparkling clean😁⠀


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