How to get rid of pet smells in the carpet with essential oils

Posted by Micki Chau on

I had so much fun designing this month's #tiptuesday theme for you! Last month we took to the glorious bathroom, so let's creep further down the hall and get right into the bedroom 😉⠀

Let's start from the bottom...the carpet! K, not so sexy, but hold your horses we'll get there! This week's tip was inspired by pets (or kids etc.) and their late-night incidents. The ones you thought you cleaned well at 3am in the dark, but 8am tells a different story. ⠀

Once you've given the area a proper clean (I recommend looking up @marthastewart's carpet stain removing tricks!) give the area a sprits with Healer's Blend to give any odours a final kick to the curb. ⠀

I don't recommend letting your pet sniff it too soon after being spritzed, as their noses are far more receptive than ours and cinnamon is warm. The oils in Healer's Blend will evaporate fairly quickly and leave behind a clean carpet.

With notes of cinnamon and lemon, your carpet will be tip top in no time!


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