How to use essential oils to keep the bathroom smelling great!

Posted by Micki Chau on

Happy Tuesday! 💫 This week's question sent us back to the washroom - like our February tips!⁣⠀
I get asked how to freshen up this room fairly often. Specifically, how to keep it smelling great before and after use. ⁣⠀
My favourite way is to use one of The Olfactory sprays in the toilet bowl! You heard me. A few sprays of your favourite blend into the bowl before you go keeps things smelling great! 🤗 ⁣⠀
The glycerin in the formula creates a barrier between the water and the air. The essential oils sit on top of and partially mix into the glycerin...keeping the great smells above the water and the less-great smells below! ⁣⠀
So keep a bottle of your favourite blend sitting on top of the loo!⁣ Looks cute too 😉🧡


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