How to use essential oils in the bathroom

Posted by Micki Mutch on

This week's question sent us back to the bathroom/ washroom/ water closet (whichever term you like). Just like our February tips. 
I get asked how to freshen up the bathroom with essential oils fairly often. Specifically, how to keep it smelling great before and after use. ⁣⠀
My favourite way is to use our all-natural sprays OR essential oils in the toilet bowl. That's right! A few sprays or drops of your favourite essential oil blend into the toilet bowl before you go keeps things smelling great for the next guest. 

all natural room and body spray to keep the washroom smelling great without synthetic chemicals. Toxin free and low waste home, made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The sprays work as an all-natural toilet spray due to the glycerin and oil in the formula, which creates a barrier between the water and the air. The essential oils sit on top of this barrier and partially mix into the glycerin, keeping the great smells above the water and the less-great smells below! ⁣⠀
So keep a bottle of your favourite blend sitting on top of the loo!⁣ Looks cute and does some good!


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