A natural way to deodorize and clean sneakers, hockey and boxing gloves

Posted by Micki Chau on

This is taken from a Tip Tuesday Series I run over on our Instagram account @theolfactoryshop.

I asked what you wanted this month's Tips to be about and you answered! With loads of smelly questions 😁 So I'm going to be picking my favourites throughout the month. You can DM any time to submit a question!⁣⠀

This one was submitted by a parent wondering how they can defunk their kids' shoes. ⁣⠀
I love this question because I get it a LOT at markets. I am sure everyone who owns a pair of Converse knows all about this. ⁣⠀
So the BEST way to de-funk any shoes is to give them a few light mists with Boxing Blend and allow to dry completely. This formula smells fantastic (citrus and spice!) and is full of powerful odour-busting oils like cinnamon and tea tree.⁣⠀
Originally designed for my boxing friends who asked me what I could do for their foul-smelling gloves... and later discovered as the perfect solution to my bad smelling sneaks. I know nurses who use this, a hockey player who sprays her hockey bag, you name it. ⁣⠀


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