All about the lavender plant

Posted by Micki Chau on

Welcome to your March Tip Tuesday's! This month we're going to look at the 👑 queen of essential oils, Lavender. Are you with me 🙋‍♀️
Have you ever seen a lavender shrub? Not only does it smell great to walk past on a warm summer day, but it also looks great. With her softly fuzzed, sage green stems and leaves and the abundant whorls of lilac, violet, or indigo; everything about lavender is comforting.⁣⠀
Lavender has been used as an insecticide for centuries - in the garden, it's a perfect companion plant to keep bugs away from veggies, flowers and the gardeners too. That's why I made a bug spray with a base of lavender and basil.⁣⠀
How do you see lavender in your future? A beautiful scented pathway to your door this summer? A potted version for the balcony garden? Pure and simple oil in the diffuser? Let me know below!⁣⠀


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