Which variety of lavender is best?

Posted by Micki Chau on

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! We're discussing the queen of essential oils this month - Lavender. ⁣⠀
Last week we learned about the plant itself and this week I thought I'd take us on a trip to Bulgaria. ⁣⠀
Bulgarian lavender is the crème de la crème - it is simply unrivalled.

Unlike other cultivars, Bulgarian lavender finishes smoothly and smells closely to the fresh flowers. It has a very low camphor content (I describe camphor as a "spike" - so it's less spikey!). To me this means that you get that true peaceful lavender scent all the way through to the end. ⁣⠀
My lavender is produced in small batches and extracted fresh from the harvest. The farms it comes from have been harvesting for nearly a century and even know the best time of day to harvest to get the best fragrance. You will smell the difference!⁣⠀


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