All about lavender essential oil, how to use it and The Olfactory difference

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Hello, I hope you're enjoying these tips on how to use lavender essential oil. We've talked about the lavender plant and the best variety (Lavandula angustifolia). Now it's time to look into the best part - the fragrance. ⁣⠀
We've all heard that lavender essential oil, and other parts of the plant, are super relaxing, but what makes it so? Well, not all lavenders are equal so in this post, I'm referring to the only lavender I use at The Olfactory - Lavandula angustifolia from Bulgaria (see last week's post to learn why I'm so picky!). ⁣⠀

lavender and vanilla essential oil spray for a relaxing and cleansing fragrance in your home or as a natural perfume on the body.
When you think of lavender do you also think of a sleeping baby? Peaceful, calm, soothed and clean. Well lavender is often associated with relaxing and there is some real science behind this one. 

The Olfactory lavender is specifically rich in the two chemical compounds called linalol and linalyl acetate. When inhaled, this lavender has an anxiolytic effect on the brain (inhibits anxiety). There are also studies showing a positive impact on insomnia patients. 

So this myth is real. Give it a shot next time you need help unwinding, calming down and getting some real baby sleep - not a care in the world!⁣ 


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