5 ways to use lavender essential oil

Posted by Micki Chau on

Alright, we've learned about The Olfactory's Lavender difference, the best varieties and why lavender relaxes us. But do we know how to use it? ⁣⠀
So many endless ways! But before you go splashing it all over realise that you're working with the most POTENT part of any plant, the essential oil.
So grab your Olfactory Lavender Oil and choose your favourite way to use:⁣⠀

  1. add 2-5 drops to your Olfactory diffuser bracelet (made locally in Calgary, Alberta with so much love)
  2. add 5-10 drops to your bedside diffuser to relax and get ready for a restful sleep
  3. add 5-10 drops to the diffuser at the front door to calm guests when they come over⁣
  4. add 5 drops to 2 tbsp olive oil for a relaxing massage oil⁣
  5. add a few drops to a tissue under your pillowcase for some real sweet dreams⁣

How else do you like to use lavender? Let us know, below!


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