Top 3 essential oil tips!

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I get asked a LOT how and how not to use essential oils. And I hear you - it's getting confusing out there. Especially with all the conflicting articles that say do this and another article that says don't do that!

Who to believe? Your gut. Always listen to that genius in your belly.

If anything I write or anything you see elsewhere doesn't suit you, then just don't do it. The honest truth is that there are not a lot of cold-hard-scientific facts around essential oils. I will do my best to publish and speak about new research as it comes, but for now, here are a few easy tips I have for you:

1. Don't ingest essential oils.

Essential oils are not the same as "extracts" (like peppermint and vanilla extracts). Moreover, adding lemon oil to water is not the same as adding lemon juice to water. Juice and oil are very different and it's possible the oil could harm your insides. The essential oil is the most potent part of the plant and can cause burns and other hurts. I've been burned many times with undiluted oils on my skin (work hazard!) and it ain't fun ya'll! 

Also, kinda sketchy but this industry is not well regulated and you need to trust that the company you buy from has a close connection to their supply. You can read about how I ensure top quality here. Even being confident in my oils, I still wouldn't ingest them due to the possibility of internal damage.  

2. Dilute if you're wanting to wear oils.

Add two drops to a big pump of your favourite unscented lotion, add a few drops to a small jar of grapeseed or almond oil, or simply purchase pre-diluted rollers for the skin if you don't want to do your own mixing. But don't just plop oils on your skin. You could be allergic to something and not know it, or see above re: burns!

3. If something smells bad to you, you probably won't use it. So don't buy it!

This one is simple! Just keep it simple.

There are a lot of health benefits of essential oils. But there are also a lot of stinky plants! Is something really going to relax you if you can't stand the smell? Find what smells good and put that shit everywhere, man!

Those are my top 3 tips with essential oils. What other questions do you have? Comment below and I'd be happy to answer or find an answer for you. 

<3 Micki


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