Travel lightly - Our number 1 packing tip!

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When you daydream, where do you go?

Lately, I'm walking around Argentina sipping coffee... then malbec, eating local steak, basking in sunsets... wearing a rad hat that I don't actually own. It's pure magic!

Almost as fun as getting to the dream destination, is packing the perfect carryon. My goal is always to bring only what I need and nothing I don't. It's so rewarding when you've prepared you carryon thoughtfully. For all the last-minute packers out there, here's my favourite travel tip to help you be the most prepared for your next trip.

Head over to YouTube to get inspired by the pros and pack as best as possible for your specific destination. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it to ensure you have exactly what you need for your journey. Search 'Packing for [destination]' and prepare to be amazed. 

On the topic of what you would or wouldn't bring, what are some daily staples that you have to have in your bags? Do they align with your values of fresh and safe ingredients? Or do you find you often have to compromise your values when you travel? Do you have everything you need to smell great on a long-haul or after skipping a few showers on the trail? Are the items versatile?

On that last note, I'm thinking of our bug sprays that smell as good as a body spray ;) 

Let me know your travel favs dream destinations below! 


x Micki


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