Onyx and Labradorite Diffuser Bracelet

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Striking black lava, matte Onyx and stunning Labradorite  for strength, courage and resilience to help you beat the odds each day. As unique as you, the labradorite seems a shy grey stone, but in the sun reveals sparks of ocean blue.

Originally designed with the guys in mind, but this bracelet is versatile for even a feminine wardrobe. Perfect for leather weather!

Made by local jewelry designer, Greta, these diffuser bracelets are designed with care and each one has been inspected for gemstone quality.


Working hard

Caring for yourself and others

Looking for a way to wear natural fragrance throughout the day

How To Use

Add a few drops of your favourite Olfactory essential oils to the black lava stones for all natural fragrance throughout the day. Beautiful and functional. 

Gorgeous for all genders and wardrobes


Medium - 7" diameter

Large - 8" diameter 

Perfect for matching with your boo.