Boreal Blend Essential Oil Spray


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Boreal Blend is an Olfactory favourite. As part of The Cabin Collection, it captures those cozy cabin vibes and the rejuvenating power of being outdoors. 

This one is for the mountain girl. The city escapers. 

It is the early, misty forest mornings. It is slowly walking through soft ground and touching the cold, damp bark of fallen trees. It's inhaling the sweet perfume of leaves that are waking up as the sun creeps onto their bellies. It is the high wind that doesn't reach you, but fills your lungs with the scent of the tree tops. ⁠

Inhale slowly, exhale smiling. You are safe here.⁠ 


  • Jumping in the car without a plan and just driving until you know you’ve arrived
  • Dreaming about your next forest escape
  • Elevating your morning and creating a space for focus 


Pink grapefruit, organic eucalyptus, benzoin resin and Canadian balsam fir essential oils, distilled water and glycerin

100 ml

Also available in an essential oil

♥ Made with love in Calgary


Health Canada cautionary statement:

Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately and advise them this product contains eucalyptus oil.

At The Olfactory Shop, we follow certified Aromatherapy practices in that we never advise ingesting essential oils or applying topically unless diluted professionally such as all The Olfactory skin products are.