Winter's Light Botanical Perfume

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Introducing The Olfactory's line of all natural botanical perfume.

Winter's Light is the yang to our first perfume, Winter's Night. 

Winter's Light begins with a voluptuously sweet and floral note from the petals of premium Ylang ylang. Followed with a clean middle of Bulgarian Lavender (only the best) and finished with a grounding hint of Patchouli. 

A perfect blend with the right amount of light, floral sweetness. Like crystal sugar snowflakes.

10 ml | .3 fl oz



Facing the day with grace

Brunch date 

Showing up chic


How To Use

To apply, roll along your pulse points: wrists, behind the ears and the decolletage



Full Ingredients List

Grapeseed oil, ylang ylang I, Bulgarian lavender and patchouli essential oils